Maternity Capri Pants

Maternity Capri pants come in many styles for your pregnancy, giving you a lightweight form of clothing.

Maternity Capri pants are a necessity when the weather begins to warm. They can be a great choice to wear to work in warm weather, especially for pregnant women who tend to stay warmer than non-pregnant women. This is due to an increase in hormones. But even out and about in casual settings, Capris are a nice choice for pregnant women who are struggling with excess weight and stretch marks.

Capri pants first hit the scene in 1948 when European designer, Sonja de Lennart, first unveiled them. Mary Tyler Moore made them popular in the United States in the 1960s when her character on The Dick Van Dyke Show, Laurie Petrie, sported them on screen. Uma Thurman permitted a Capri pant revival during the 1990s when her character, Mia Wallace, wore them in Pulp Fiction. Today, these trendy pants are more popular than ever. At one time, it would have been impossible to find maternity Capri pants because many companies avoided entering the maternity wear market. This was due to the belief that it was not profitable since pregnancy is only for a few months of a woman’s life. Now companies are beginning to realize that women still have places to go and things to accomplish–pregnant or not. Thus, women still want to look their most attractive and stylish throughout their pregnancy.

If you want to choose maternity Capri pants that are flattering to your body, then consider buying Capris that are solid rather than printed. The solid color will make you look leaner and more streamlined. You also want to choose Capris that fall just below the knee. That’s the most flattering length. Choose dark colored Capris. You want to buy Capri pants that are tapered at the end of the leg. Resist the temptation to buy Capris with cuffs as these will not be as flattering.

Yoga maternity Capri pants are a great choice for pregnant women. You may want to get these in lieu of long pants due to the possibility of overheating as you workout. Capris are a nice walk between pants and shorts. They will work nicely for your exercise routine. Yoga Capris will shift with you and offer flexibility and comfort. That will keep you working out.

You can find maternity Capri pants in a range of fabrics, styling and pricing. Department discount stores such as Wal-mart and Target will offer some simply styled Capri pants for maternity made from durable twill and knit. But you can also find more stylish, sophisticated Capris from stores like Motherhood, Euphoria Maternity, and A Pea in the Pod. These will be more suitable for the office or an evening out. But still pay attention to comfort and function. Be sure to check your favorite stores and brands for maternity Capri pants and browse their websites, too. Many stores only put their maternity stock online.

Maternity Capri pants are a necessity for any pregnant women whose pregnancy will encompass the summer months. They are a way to continue showing style and still be comfortable.